TAGG…You’re IT! 

TAGG i(Together a Great Good) is an app that helps Catlin  raise money. The best part it’s a simple way to help Catlin raise funds without any door-to-door selling or event attending. It’s so easy that you forget it’s a Fundraiser for Catlin. TAGG is mobile app that was started right here in the Omaha/Lincoln area.  Participating businesses range from banking, insurance to food and fun. This is a go at your pace and place type of fundraising, which means you can participate all year-long without any extra work. All you do is visit places (some you may do already) snap your receipt and the business donates to us. 


Catlin first became a cause of TAGG in the late winter/early spring of last year and we have already raise a good amount of money for Catlin. We also received the “Spring into Summer” all school contest winner for the Most new taggers and received a check for $250!!! Thank you again to everyone who participated in that contest.  Please consider adding the TAGG app to your mobile phone this year and help Catlin with this easy and fun fundraiser. 

Step 1: Download the TAGG App 

Step 2: Visit participating businesses and take a photo of your receipt. 

Step 3: Choose Catlin Arts as your cause to support. The business will donate to us.

Step 4:  Share your good deed with others. 




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