Today, February 11th is “National Make a Friend Day”

Making friends is such an important life skill, no matter your age. How do you make a new friend? National Make A Friend Day is a great opportunity for us all to meet someone new and make new friendships. It’s important to remember that friends play vital roles in everyone’s lives by being there for us on our good days and bad days.For the younger kids these friendship can form live long bonds and give them the understanding of trust and compassion for each other.  New friends can introduce us to new healthy activities and see different perspectives and of course challenge us to try new and exciting things. Some great ways to open up and learn how to make a new friend 1.  Show a smile and simple say “Hello”. 2. Revive old friendships, in today’s world of social media it’s easy to reconnect with friends and learn about what they are doing in life. 3. Understand the friendship is a responsibility.  Just like a lot of things in life, friendships need to be nurtured and valued.  It’s important to realize that the person you call friend, buddy, pal or bff is in your life for a reason and it’s so important to make them feel important.

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