Getting to know us… We are thrilled and excited to get the year started! So, we are going to keep it going with having you know a little bit more about us. Next, we bring you Melissa Lawson. Melissa is the Catlin PTA secretary. She may be the fastest person we know on a keyboard. She does an amazing job of keeping us organized. Melissa and her husband Ben have one daughter, Sophie who will be entering 2nd grade. When Melissa isn’t helping the PTA, she is still at the school helping students. Melissa is Catlin’s Primary Behavioral Skills Program Teacher. So if you ever need to find a PTA member, it will probably be Melissa, because she is always there. 😊. Melissa lives and breathes her Cougar Power!
When Melissa isn’t living at Catlin, she can be found watching a movie with her family or getting in some good reading. She also loves doing photography with her husband Ben. Melissa truly loves her community at Catlin and what it has created. Melissa is really looking forward to seeing the amazing things we get and will accomplish this year.

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