Getting to know us… We are thrilled and excited that the start of the school year is just around the corner. So, we will keep it going with giving you a little more about us. Next, we bring you Barb Loseke. Barb is the Catlin PTA President. Barb oversees what is happening to the PTA and making sure that staff, students and parents are aware of the different events and activities we have going on. Barb is entering her second year as the PTA President but has been a member for three years. When Barb is not helping committees or working on fun activities at the school. She can be found spending time with her family. Barb and her husband, Derek, have three children, all at different schools this year. Her middle child will be entered third grade at Catlin. Barb and her family volunteer for a local dog rescue. Yet, they really love to spend time watching movies, discovering new places, spending time outside and so much more. Barb is excited to see what we can accomplish this year.

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