The twice annual Scholastic Book Fair coincides with fall and spring Parent Teacher Conferences. This popular event helps grow and expand the Catlin library and provides many volunteer opportunities, including volunteering with sales and set up/take down. If you love books and helping put “just the right” books into the hands of kids, this is the perfect committee for you.

Box Tops for Education

Chair: Kaci Meyers

Help plan, organize and publicize the Box Top collections and counting. Award the classroom with the highest collection each month with the Traveling Trophy and classroom award. This committee also meets once a month to collect, count and send in Box Tops.

Enrichment Programs


Plan, organize, and publicize after school clubs. Secure highly effective teachers and vendors for after school classes. Be on-site during classes to assure smooth operation. Including help pass out treats, take attendance and make sure programs start and stop on time. The Enrichment Programs consist of 2- 6 week sessions with an average of 4 different clubs during each session.  Past enrichment clubs have been: Running Club, Photography, Yoga, Weather, Engineering and More.


Chair: Barb Loseke

The PTA’s ability to support the school is directly tied to fundraising events and activities. This committee researches and recommends fundraising events and submits to the PTA Board for approval. They oversee execution of approved fundraisers, organize & publicize fundraising campaigns, collect money and oversee orders and distribution. Past events include Lancer’s Night, Dave & Buster’s Night Out, School Carnival, Bingo Night and More.


Chair: Terri Madison

The PTA and Catlin Elementary are very lucky to have our amazing administration, teachers and staff helping our children grow and find a love for education. During various times of the year we try to celebrate all them in a fun way. During these events parent volunteers are asked to help provide meals for staff during teacher conferences, recognize staff on special appreciation days, and provide treats on various occasions throughout the school year


Chairs: Barb Loseke/Jenny Hayes-Maytum/Derek Loseke

This important committee markets PTA membership, compiles the PTA membership database. Volunteers represent the PTA at various activities throughout the school year, including Kindergarten orientation, Safe Walk to School/Welcome Back Night and Open House.



This committee helps keep the Catlin community in the know. Showing the creative side with updating the PTA bulletin board with Board approved themes and idea. The board should be updated with information on a monthly basis.  Show your creative side with different backgrounds and themes.

School Celebrations

Chair: Melissa Lawson

Meet early in the school year to organize, coordinate and communicate with room parents for each classroom. Plan twice-annual class parties, typically around Valentine’s Day and a fall party, along with helping with Field Day and Fun Run activities.



This fun and exciting event is held once a year, typically in the spring. During this event students are asked to challenge themselves with spelling words. You will work directly with the teachers on how creating the list for each classroom, celebrations for individuals and classrooms who achieve their goal.



Chair: Derek Loseke

Support the PTA’s activities by recommending and implementing technology solutions.


HyVee Receipts 

Chair: Kaci Meyers

Help plan, organize and publicize the HyVee receipts during the months of September – December. You will help collect receipts from classrooms, calculate totals and submit to Hy-Vee.